How to check the UPSC Mains Result?

The UPSC Mains result has been displayed on the official website of the Union Public Service Commission. Candidates wanting to check their results can go to the official UPSC website and follow the steps mentioned below to download the result. Alternatively, you can download the PDF we have given below.

  1. Go to the official website of the UPSC (
  2. Click on the icon that says ‘Written results’.
  3. Then, click on the link which says Civil Services Mains (Written) Results 2019.
  4. From here, you should be able to download the PDF of the document containing the list of candidates who have successfully cleared the UPSC Mains 2019.
  5. Save the UPSC Mains Result 2019 PDF for future reference.

UPSC Mains Result 2019:- Download PDF

For UPSC Results of previous years, aspirants can check the linked article.

UPSC Question Papers

You can download the UPSC mains 2019 question papers from the attached link. Solving previous years’ question papers is an essential part of the UPSC preparation. It helps you understand the particular demands of the IAS exam, makes you attuned to the areas from where maximum questions are likely to be asked and also gives you the much-needed answer writing practice for UPSC. 

UPSC Personality Test

Personality Tests (Interviews) of these candidates are likely to commence in the month of February, 2020, which will be held in the Office of the Union Public Service Commission at Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069. The e-Summon Letters of Personality Tests (Interviews) of the candidates will be made available from 27th January, 2020, which may be downloaded from the Commission’s Website & The candidates, who will not able to download their e-Summon Letters, should immediately contact the office of the Commission through letter or on Phone Nos. 011-23385271, 011- 23381125, 011-23098543 or Fax No. 011-23387310, 011-23384472 or by email on ( No paper Summon Letters will be issued for the Personality Tests (Interviews) by the Commission.

No request for change in the date and time of the Personality Test (Interview) intimated to the candidates will ordinarily be entertained.

All the candidates, who qualified for the Personality Tests (Interviews), are required to opt in/opt out for publically making available their scores under the Public Disclosure Scheme. The candidates are advised to go through DoP&T letter No. 39020/1/2016-Estt(B) dated 21.06.2016, 19.07.2017 and the Commission’s Note on PUBLIC DISCLOSURE, THROUGH PORTAL, OF SCORES OF CANDIDATES NOT RECOMMENDED BY THE COMMISSION AGAINST THE RESULT OF AN EXAMINATION. The candidates should note that only after submitting their option for opt in/opt out, they will be able to download their e-Summon letters.

With regard to the Detailed Application Form-II (DAF-II), following provisions have been made in the Civil Services Examination, 2019 Rules:
“(2) A candidate shall be required to mandatorily indicate order of preferences only for those services participating in the Civil Services Examination for the year, for which he is interested to be allocated to, in the on-line Detailed Application Form-II (DAF-II), before the commencement of Personality Test (Interviews) of the examination. With this Form, a candidate will also be required to upload documents/certificates for higher education, achievements in different fields, service experience, OBC Annexure (for OBC category only), EWS Annexure (for EWS category only), etc.

(3) In case of recommendation of his name by UPSC for service allocation, the candidate shall be considered for allocation to one of those services by the Government for which he shall indicate his preference subject to fulfilment of other conditions. No change in preferences of services once indicated by a candidate would be permitted.

(4) A candidate who wishes to be considered for Indian Administrative Service or Indian Police Service shall be required to indicate in his on-line Detailed Application Form-II his order of preferences for various Zones and Cadres for which he would like to be considered for allotment in case he is appointed to the Indian Administrative Service or Indian Police Service and no change in preference of Zone and Cadre once indicated by a candidate would be permitted.”

Therefore, in accordance with the aforesaid provisions of the Rules of the Examination, all these candidates have to fill up and submit DAF-II ONLINE only, which will be available on the Website of the Union Public Service Commission ( during the period from 17th January, 2020 to 27th January, 2020 till 6:00 P.M.

The preferences for Services/Cadres Allocation once opted and submitted ONLINE in the DAF-II cannot be modified or changed at a later stage. Therefore, the candidates are advised to exercise due diligence while filling up the preferences for Services and Zones (Cadres there under). If a candidate fails to submit the DAF-II by last date/time, it will be considered that the candidate has no preference to make for Services and Zones/Cadres as also he has nothing to furnish/upload viz. documents/certificates for higher education, achievements in different fields, service experience, OBC Annexure (for OBC category only), EWS Annexure (for EWS category only), etc. No request shall be entertained in this regard.