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Sociology Regular Course

Sociology is the study of social facts i.e. the systematic perusal of social things around us and around you. The family, the community you live in and the group of friends you have. Sociology tries to look at these things in a systematic manner.

You should go for it:

  • Because sociology is easy to grasp, you can easily pick up the examples from the public space.
  • Most questions in sociology are expected, they are framed in easy to understand method, generally problematic questions are not asked and some of the questions are asked regularly in alternate years.
  • The study material we will provide is sufficient, it is up to date, it has the latest facts and it is based on the exam pattern.

You should not go for it:

  • If you don’t have an interest in the things of the social world like society, education etc.
  • Simply because some body from your neighborhood has competed with sociology as optional in the UPSC examinations.
  • Some body has given you popular notes of sociology.

What we will do for you:

  • Detailed lecture, discussion and dictation on every topic with relevant studies and examples.
  • Response to all your problems and queries in the class or outside the class.
  • We will tell you how to write the answer and will dictate some model answers as well.

Sociology has been very popular, every year some students out of more than hundred students who compete from Lukmaan IAS, compete with sociology optional. Probably sociology is the most popular and ever green optional with no ups and downs. It has been a consistently good marks fetcher.

For Online Students, due to videos access, the duration will be 4.5 months.

Course Highlights

  •  Duration: 4 months.
  • Its a cyclic batch (Admissions are open from every new portion of syllabus)
  • Covers each & every portion of paper I & II as per the Syllabus.
  • Sociology Mains Test Series included.(followed by their detailed discussion & model answers)
  • It also includes Content Enrichment batch (after prelims),for revision & improvement.
  • Classes on Writing Skills.
  • Exam oriented printed materials for focused preparation.
  • Discusses all Major topics deeply.
  • Focuses on clarity of thoughts.
  • Batch is Available in OFFLINE & ONLINE Mode.

Wish to see you amongst us as an aspirant with sociology. With all the best wishes.