We at Lukmaan follow a radically different approach towards study of law. This approach is based on years of experience drawn while teaching law by our faculty.
Total law syllabus is divided in smaller segments called blocks. Paper I and paper II syllabus have been divided in total 70 blocks in its entirety. Block have been divided in such way too maintain continuity and can have independent existence meaning reading one will not require understanding preceding blocks. This helps student to dissect their preparation and prepare blocks which they do not feel much confident about.  Each block will have following components.

  1. Notes: These blocks have comprehensive notes which is provided that negates the use of any other material to study.
  2. Current Issues: Each block will have list of recent cases which have been dealt by Supreme court on discussed point of law and their brief summary. Which can be directly written in exam
  3. Questions: These blocks consist of three set of questions
  4. Question which have already been asked.
  5. Questioned which are probable.

Questions which are framed in a way that, solving them will give you an idea to write whatever question which might come from that block




  • 06th April 2020
  • Time:(5pm-7:30pm)
  • Duration: Four & Half Months
  • Fee
  • 40000/-

For Online Students, due to videos access,the duration will be 05 months.


It will consist of 8 topic wise test, 4 for paper- I and 4 for paper- II, each paper will contain 28 Question Each which will be Evenly Distributed across syllabus as per UPSC pattern. It will also consist 2 Full tests of both paper followed by discussion in each Test.

  • 13th June 2020
  • Fee
  • 15000/-