GS (Pre-Cum-Mains)


"Stronger the foundation greater the probability of success."



GS FOUNDATION means developing a thorough understanding about GS PAPERS. It is like foundation of a building without which one cannot build any house.



  • Duration: Eleven Months (Classes 6 days a week/2.30 hrs. class)
  • Once you enroll with us, you feel that you have got ONE-POINT DESTINATION and the institute is like your one FAMILY-MEMBER.
  • It is not just a course for teaching you topics pre-cum-mains based RATHER a complete guidance for PRE-MAINS-INTERVIEW.
  • It becomes the responsibility of the institute to prepare you for CSE EXAM fully-knowledge, writing skills, motivation and personality development.
  • Individualised mentoring based Writing Skill Development Program (WSDP) every Thursday.
  • Weekly current affairs classes (ED-based)/special classes on Economic Survey 2020 and Budget 2021-22
  • Every two-week test (50 questions for prelims and 10 questions for mains)
  • CSAT classes with practice and discussion
  • Essay classes with emphasis on originality and analytical answer
  • Three Months specialized prelims classes with 25 tests
  • One-year free MAINS TEST SERIES: 8 essay and 15 GS Tests

For Online Students,due to videos access, the duration will be 12 months.


  • NINE booklets covering all Papers I, II, III & IV

  • One booklet on reports of Committees & Commissions (GS)

  • One-year current developments booklets (2019-20)

  • One-year model answers of Lukmaan's Test Series

  • One booklet on Programs & Schemes

  • One NOTE on ethics through current developments (2019-20).

  • Two work-books for practice as Q & A (MODEL ANSWER) of theory-based questions and case studies).

  • Value in Administration (So Copy for Online Students)-a DOPT Manual on Ethics.

  • Every week one booklet on ED CLASSES.

  • Budget & Economic Survey notes.