Current Affairs

Q.1.Recently, Erode Turmeric has been awarded GI tag. It belongs to the state of


Q.2.The historic S.R. Bommai case is related to the


Q.3.The Forest Right Act, 2006, is Implemented by


Q.4. Defence Cyber Space Agency is headed by


Q.5.With the reference to the Indian economy, consider the following statement.
(1). Gross capital formation has been witnessing a consistent fall since 2011-12.
(2). Gross Domestic Saving is also witnessing a consistent fall since 2011-12.
(3). There is continuous fall in gross domestic household saving.
Select the incorrect statement


Q.6.During British rule in India, Vincent commission was formed to look into the issue of


Q.7 Recently, Which Asian country has abolished death penalty?


Q.8.With the reference to the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER), consider the following statement.
(1)GER is the ratio of students enrolled in the age group of 18-60 years to the population in that age group.
(2)The current GER of India is 25%.
(3)India has set the target of achieving 30% GER by 2020.
(4)The GER of United State is 85%.
Choose the correct statement


Q.9.With the reference to the Law Commission of India, consider the following statement.
(1)It is a constitutional body, established by an act of parliament.
(2)Its major function is work for legal reform.
(3)It is an advisory body for Ministry of Law and Justice.
(4)The first law commission was established under Charter Act of 1813.
Choose the correct statement


Q.10 I-HARIYALI app is launched by