Current Affairs

Q.1.Which state government has decided to set up Vedic Education Board?


Q.2 An election which is held to capitalize on a unique electoral opportunity or to decide a pressing issue but it is not required by either law or convention. Such election is called


Q.3 What is the meaning of the expendable medium-lift launch vehicle in space launching vehicle.


Q.4.Recently, which country has got FATF membership.


Q.5.Recently, UAE has decided to launch a mission to mars. The name of the mission is


Q.6.With the reference to the forest survey of India, consider the following statement.
(1)The forest survey is a biennial exercise conducted by the government of India.
(2)In recent exercise, the government of India has decided not to include green cover outside the designated zone such as plantation in their survey for assessing the forest cover.
(3)India is ranked 10th position in the world in terms of having forest cover.
(4)Madhya Pradesh has highest forest cover in terms of theirs percentage of their geographical area.
Select the correct statement


Q.7.The group of monument at Mahabali puram is built during the period of


Q.8.The government has launched the Phased Manufacturing Programme to promote


Q.9.The doctrine of harmonious construction is adopted when there is a conflict between


Q.10. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize is awarded in the field of