Current Affairs

Q.1. District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committee (DISHA) is chaired by


Q.2.With the reference to the Press Council of India, consider the following statement.
1.It is a statutory orgnisation in India, established in 1966.
2.It is the self-regulatory watchdog of the press and operates under the Press Council Act of 1978.
3.The council is chaired by the retired High Court Judge.
4.Justice Chandramauli Kumar Prasad is the Chairman.
Select the Incorrect statement


Q.3.Recently which city has been recognised as the southern-most city in the World?


Q.4. Recently, the Union Government revised the criteria for classification of the MSMEs based on their turnover. A medium enterprise will be defined as unit where the annual turnover is


Q.5. Indian Union is stronger vis-a-vis state government. This feature has been borrowed from


Q.6.In ecology, allogenic succession is driven by


Q7. Krushi Bhagya Scheme has been launched by


Q.8. Sarbat Sathi Health scheme is being launched by


Q.9.Consider the following factors:
(1)Rotation of the Earth
(2)Air Pressure and Wind
(3)Density of the ocean
(4)Revolution of the Earth
Which of the above following factors influences the ocean currents?


Q.10.When you travel to Himalayas, you will witness the following
(1)Deep George
(2)U-turn Rivers Courses
(3)Parallel Mountain Range
(4)Steep Gradient causing landslide
Which of the above can be said to be the evidences for Himalayas being young fold mountains?